Saturday, 12 May 2012

Welcome to Port Royal Mister Smith . . . . .

My hands were pretty achy and stiff last night, so I thought I would tackle some terrain rather than attempting to paint as if I am wearing boxing gloves.

This is my first Freebooters Fate building (it's not the first terrain I've even built, just the first in a LOOOOONG time).

The first building I've started is a central tall (ish) building - ut will have interiors (though the ground floor is just "plaster" atm), and an upstairs for storage (various crates, boxes etc) and a balcony for the Harbour Master (or one of his minions) to survey whats going on in the area.

The roof won't have a Chimney (its an Office in warmer climes, so no real need for heating) - I'm thinking a Telescope on the Balcony might be cool idea.

It's looking "okay" so far, still loads to do though.