Sunday, 27 May 2012


Before reading on there is one Important thing to note - ORDERS WON'T SHIP UNTIL THE END OF JUNE.

However BS are rewarding its loyal customers!

Their online store is back along with some new releases!  They've been setting up their new casting facility and (as expected) it has taken some time.

Though they are nearly done a planned trip overseas is going to delay things a little longer (I just hope they have a good time).

However in the mean-time people can order as normal - BUT orders won't be shipped until towards the end of June, and they will be shipped first come first served basis.

As a reward for your patience anyone ordering before the end of May will receive a metal Diamond Joe and Cop girl free!

Anyone ordering before June 15th will receive a metal cop girl free!

All this is (of course) while stocks last, but if they do run out they will try and find something else cool to send you as a Freebie!

Upon their return they will be working hard on the remaining codes that are still missing (e.g moderns, orc team etc).

The new releases that are now available can be found in their appropriate sections - fantasy pirates/pirates and fantasy football.

The New Releases are as Follows - Dwarf team, dwarf linemen, Pirate girls 3, Nuria Del Fuego, Admiral Dylan lloyd, Elros Yavatil, Captain Ogring, dwarf pirates 2 and Jack a Roe Jones. 

Pictures of painted versions will up in the near future.

They guys at Black Scorpion also send out a huge thanks for everyones patience whilst the store was offline during this period.