Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Something a little "different" today, not Supers, not Pirates, not Cult TV - but rather Undersea Adventures!!

Unfortunately, I can’t pass on my thoughts about the DeepWars rulebook as I don’t actually have it yet.

However, I’ve had a good long “play” with the Fortune Hunters Deluxe Starter Set – I am in a position to give some thoughts.#


The Box contains – A 400 point starter warband (well, 405 points)

1 x Armored Dive Soldier (63)
1 x Heavy Support Trooper (77)
1 x Marie du Chaletet - Scientist of the Ethers (99)
1 x Anti-Ship Breaching Mech Construct (91)
1 x Recon Trooper (75)

The Box also comes with the game card for each miniature, and the requisite plastic bases. Each model also comes with a base insert in the same material as the parent model, and is “undersea” themed – the Fortune Hunters inserts fit the bases well, but not “exactly” – a little putty work can easily sort this however.

There’s also supposed to be a way (according to the website – there is no mention of it on the Box) to get a hold of the free downloadable rulebook – that information is neither on the Box nor on the Website – the only thing I can assume is that if you buy direct, that link is supplied to you.
The packaging/presentation is quite nice overall, the box card sturdy and the colour printing bright and strong. HOWEVER, the “sticker” on the front wouldn’t fill the casual buyer with confidence – it LOOKS ill thought out, like its either an afterthought or maybe something got screwed up along the way – I know I’m being picky here, but the first “bite” of any product on the shelf is with the eyes – and in this oh so competitive hobby of ours, if a potential buyer has any doubts – they can move onto a different product (of course to online shoppers and die-hards it makes no never mind LoL).

This is a nice touch, inside the box with the contents are a number of polystyrene popcorn packaging pieces, which I think are a really good solution to packing miniatures for sale. The Miniatures themselves are in strong stapled shut plastic bags, as are the Bases. The only thing I wasn’t keen on here was the fact the Cards are loose inside the box, and whilst the polystyrene popcorn packaging pieces did their job protecting them – I could envisage of a scenario where they don’t. The use of another plastic bag would prevent any chance of damage to the cards.

Right, enough with the Packaging – onto the Miniatures themselves.

The Armored Dive Soldier is a cracking sculpt, and was for the most part flash free – there is one problem however – where the Spear on his Gun meets the housing, the cast seemed very “thin” when I attempted to clean the gun arm it snapped off. A minor repair (but now the spear is a mm or so shorter LoL) but worth mentioning to others, to ensure they are a little more careful with the part.


The Heavy Support Trooper is another cracking sculpt, nothing super fancy – it does exactly what it says on the tin. He has heft, and looks like he could “do the business”. This one was totally mold line and flash free.


Marie du Chaletet - Scientist of the Ethers. She was my least favourite sculpt till I got her in my hands. She is far nicer and more interesting in the flesh – and a worthy addition as a named character to the set. Again she was totally mold line and flash free.

Marie du Chatelet_1_sm

The Recon Trooper  is a Scuba Diver wearing an undersea “jet pack” (for want of a better term), the pose is a little “odd” so I can’t see me ever owning more than one (he looks pretty awkward to convert to any satisfying degree) but as a single miniature, he’s really nice. Again mold line and flash free – there is an issue where he fits into (onto?) his scenic base insert, it’s not a brilliant fit with mine – I can only assume it’s down to warping/shrinkage during the casting process – easily fixed with a little greenstuff though.


Lastly the Anti-Ship Breaching Mech Construct – unlike the other miniatures in the set which are metal, this is resin. The quality is good, just not as good as the metal casts in this set. In particular around the “thrusters” at the ass-end of the Construct. Theres a lot of extra material in and around there, when it’s cleaned away (no mean feat, I recommend intermediate to advanced modelling skills here) there are “issues” with the casting, the thrusters and other parts of that area are somewhat malformed, fortunately it’s a part of the model you don’t look at a lot!


DeepWars has a LOT of promise, the ideas and concepts are cool – and the Miniatures are great. I just hope they can keep this game going, because it deserves a fair crack of the whip – and as with all new miniature games – only time will tell.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Resin Terrain Pieces

I don't know if many people use much premade Resin Terrain, but Ainsty Castings are doing some stonking new accessories atm (they also do some gorgeous resin Ships and Dockyard terrain as well).

Got some new bits through today, pots and pans, ornate crates and treasure chests, and some cracking tables and chairs.

Ainsty Castings



Tuesday, 10 July 2012


This is really for people who don't want to use the standard Freebooters Fate Basing Option.

Loads of people buy resin bases for their miniatures nowadays, and whilst buying resin bases is nice and easy, you can lack variety - and with the ease of availability of products like "Instant Mold" its becoming increasingly easy to create your own.

Create a "disc" of card (or plasticard) that fits the top of your base, add your "detail" (either from a basing kit, or in this instance I created my own using simple sculpting techniques - and finished the set product with a selection of files and a scalpel) - if you create a "textured base" make sure it has plenty of time to dry/set and that it's been sealed with PVA (thats also been left to dry properly, at least 24 hours) - warm up your Instant Mold and take your impression of your creation (I always do at least two of each master for ease of production).

Press in your putty of choice, I use Milliput with Greenstuff mixed in - this makes it less brittle than using just straight Milliput - but unlike using all Greenstuff is better for basing/sanding/drilling/pinning etc - when mostly set, I turn them out of the mold and make sure they're nice and flat. Then mix more putty and start on the next lot

The "toppers" I've been working on could double as small flagstones or large cobblestones (users choice - they will work for Empire of the Dead, Carnevale, or more Modern Games like 7TV or Pulp City) - in this picture I have my latest "batch" setting.

(sorry about my Camera-Fu, it's weak at best).

I hope this gives folks some inspiration to create their own should they not go for standard basing!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Freebooters Fate Crew Calculator

As all Freebooter's Fate fans (wow, now THAT'S an alliteration) there is an official Excel application which makes it much easier for you to chose and plan your crews.

The most recent version was made available today - and now includes the recently released Freebooter's Fate Equipment Cards!

Freebooters Fate Crew Calculator 2.1.0

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Painted Pirates, Ghosts, and Navy Officers

Re-painting Cutlass Miniatures as well at the moment (crappy figure cases wouldn't protect a fracking Diamond if you ask me) - I present Lieutenant Wilkinson . . . . .

Next another Black Scorpion Miniature, an Undead Pirate I call "Ghoulish Graeme" - a forlorn Scotsman who misses getting drunk . . .

Lastly, Mary Gold for Ron & Bones - not named for her Golden flowing Hair, but for the many Money-Pouches she carries about her Person.

More as I do them!


Before reading on there is one Important thing to note - ORDERS WON'T SHIP UNTIL THE END OF JUNE.

However BS are rewarding its loyal customers!

Their online store is back along with some new releases!  They've been setting up their new casting facility and (as expected) it has taken some time.

Though they are nearly done a planned trip overseas is going to delay things a little longer (I just hope they have a good time).

However in the mean-time people can order as normal - BUT orders won't be shipped until towards the end of June, and they will be shipped first come first served basis.

As a reward for your patience anyone ordering before the end of May will receive a metal Diamond Joe and Cop girl free!

Anyone ordering before June 15th will receive a metal cop girl free!

All this is (of course) while stocks last, but if they do run out they will try and find something else cool to send you as a Freebie!

Upon their return they will be working hard on the remaining codes that are still missing (e.g moderns, orc team etc).

The new releases that are now available can be found in their appropriate sections - fantasy pirates/pirates and fantasy football.

The New Releases are as Follows - Dwarf team, dwarf linemen, Pirate girls 3, Nuria Del Fuego, Admiral Dylan lloyd, Elros Yavatil, Captain Ogring, dwarf pirates 2 and Jack a Roe Jones. 

Pictures of painted versions will up in the near future.

They guys at Black Scorpion also send out a huge thanks for everyones patience whilst the store was offline during this period.

TORTUGA - Safe Haven for Pirate Gamers

I've now started a Facebook Group for ALL Pirate Gaming (Including RPG's) for those Interested called-

Obviously there will be some crossover with the Longfall Freebooters Fate Group - but I see that as a strength personally!

All Ye Swabs Are Welcome - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

What do he know about Seafaring men?

Recently I got a copy of the new (ish) Treasure Island (2012) Starring Eddie Izzard - after watching it a couple of times (OK - Four Times if you must know) here are some thoughts on it.

Without spoiling things for those who have yet to see it, the Story deviates a little in places (a commonality in all adaptations of Treasure Island) - I'm not going to go into detail about these "deviations" for obvious reasons. But I do have to say in this case these deviations from the original Tale aren't really major for the most part, and even then they add to the story and give a nice air of freshness to the whole things - something that's been missing from a couple of Treasure Island adaptations in the past (notably the 1972 version Starring Orson Welles which just comes over as sad and stale).

The screenplay was capably written by Stewart Harcourt, and it was produced by Laurie Borg. Steve Barron (who keeps it pacey without sacrificing character) was Director - the mix of the talents of these three obviously built a strong foundation upon the Actors stood, as the entire cast came over as comfortable and confident throughout.

Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver - stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. He has become a strong and very talented actor over the years, and is perfectly cast as the likeable scoundrel Silver.

The only real hiccup in the casting is Philip Glenister as Captain Smollett. I loved him in Life on Mars, but he never really "settles" in as the character. It could be for many reasons, it might even be thats what he's trying to convey in his portrayal - as Smollett is not the sort to bond and mix easily with people. However much I enjoyed his performance as Gene Hunt - in Treasure Island he comes over as distanced and uncomfortable - he's "tolerable" in the part as fortunately Smollet is not the most important of characters to the story.

Rupert Penry-Jones is totally different to any other Squire Trelawney we've seen in other versions. To all outward appearances he is the same sort of character as portrayed before, a little less jolly perhaps - but there's enough twists and turns in his character alone (let alone in the rest of the script) to keep you interested and entertained - in fact he has the most dramatic "end" I've seen in any Movies/TV Series of this type. It was a shock to be frank.

Overall I will have to give this production 4/5!

I won't give it 5/5 for two reasons. One is Philip Glenister as Captain Smollett - every time he speaks its like hearing a scratch on a record - really REALLY off-putting. The other reason is the Theme Music - its not period, its some electronic pap - I'm sorry that just doesn't fit - OK hiring "One Man and His Organ" might have been for budgetary reasons. But a sweeping and dynamic story such as this should have a sweeping and dynamic theme music.

I heartily recommend it to anyone, Pirate Fan or Not!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

And then there were three . . . . .

Another one finished - my first Cuchillo!

I made him taller, and changed the pose as well (I’m not a fan of duplicate models) – the second one isn’t going to be touched and will be painted “as is”.

I have to admit I am quite happy with this one, it’s nice to see my first Pirate Crew coming together after playing with them just undercoated for so long!

And then there were three . . . .

A Quick update on the Mono -

And Leathery Joe (with a "rear-view" this time) -

Buscar is around 60% done, so not long for him now. Feeling a bit timid over the Pirate Queen as I don't want to ruin her!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pirate Music of the Week

I haven't done a "Pirate Music of the Week" update recently, real life and illness being such a pain - so I present to you -

Alestorm - You Are a Pirate! 


Monday, 14 May 2012

I once sailed with a geezer lost both his arms and part of his eye . . . .

Well, Mono is done - sorry about the quality of the Pictures, I had to take them with my Fone as Linda has lost the Camera LoL!

Then you wouldn't be here, would you? So you can't be here! Q.E.D. - you're not really here!

My Mrs was using the Camera the other day, and now we can't find it!

Pictures of Mono as soon as we do!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Welcome to Port Royal Mister Smith . . . . .

My hands were pretty achy and stiff last night, so I thought I would tackle some terrain rather than attempting to paint as if I am wearing boxing gloves.

This is my first Freebooters Fate building (it's not the first terrain I've even built, just the first in a LOOOOONG time).

The first building I've started is a central tall (ish) building - ut will have interiors (though the ground floor is just "plaster" atm), and an upstairs for storage (various crates, boxes etc) and a balcony for the Harbour Master (or one of his minions) to survey whats going on in the area.

The roof won't have a Chimney (its an Office in warmer climes, so no real need for heating) - I'm thinking a Telescope on the Balcony might be cool idea.

It's looking "okay" so far, still loads to do though.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ken Bonnie

Mono is finished! Pictures later after varnishing, I managed to get a good start on Buscar too!


Meantime, here’s another Pirate from my collection –

Though not a Freebooters Fate Miniature, but still on “theme” LoL – he’s a Black Scorpion Body with a Cutlass weapons swap., Crooked Dice Miniatures Head (with custom sculpted beard). One of the projects I’ve been working on (bit by bit, and slowly) is a retelling of Star Wars as a Pirate Movie.

In “The Return of the Scarlet Buccaneer” Ken Bonnie is an old salty sea-dog – we first see him when he rescues Lucas Seahawk from a group of Cutthroats who are press-ganging around Plymouth. Lucas is immediately impressed by the old mans wit, charm and prowess with a blade. Even though Bonnie’s time has passed, and he knows he will never have the adventure’s he had with Lucas’ father. His last wish is that Lucas follows in his fathers footsteps, and become a Privateer in the service of the King.

Anyway – here’s “Ken Bonnie”

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Black Spot!

Could not sleep last night at all with the pain due my ear infection (which has now spread to the drum itself), but I managed to slap some more colours on my Mono and base-coat two Deckhands.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I feel Sullied and Unusual . . . .

NOT in the best of health at the moment, I have a rather serious ear infection - I can't paint (can't concentrate because of the pain) or read really.

So I guess I will have to watch something Piratey instead, and hope it lulls me to sleep in spite of the bloody agony I am in!

More as soon as I am able!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

You are guilty of being innocent of being Jack Sparrow . . . . . . .

DID YOU KNOW that its a possibility the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies might have been inadvertently inspired by the 1952 Classic "The Crimson Pirate"?!

At one time it was rumoured that Walt Disney took inspiration for the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World from the Crimson Pirate.

If Walt hadn't liked the Movie, there would have been no ride, and in turn no Pirates of the Caribbean Movie!

Which would mean there would be no Captain Jack Sparrow - UNTHINKABLE!

Pirate Music of the Week

This weeks Pirate Music of the Week is Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton - performing the brilliant and funny "Jack Sparrow"!


Me holds are burstin' with swag. That bit of shine matters to us? Why?

I've been thinking about what to build for my "mini-table" again, I want it to be around 60cm x 60cm.

I've had loads of ideas, the Desert Island "Spit of Land" being the most appealing to me personally so far (as discussed in this previous post).

Another thought that appeals is the idea of a Treasure Cavern like seen at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean "Curse of the Black Pearl" - complete with Treasure Piles, Rock Pools, and a surrounding backdrop for the cavern walls!

Of course, if space was no object - I would simply HAVE to have a shipwreck in there too!

Monday, 30 April 2012

So What Purpose Would Be Served In Finding Whatever Need Be Unlocked . . . . .

Another day another Doubloon as it were, spent the Morning hanging around the Hospital with Dad (again!) but went through the new Freebooter's Fate Equipment cards once more, and jotted down a few notes!

So I reckon a review is forthcoming now!

More Later!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Free to Sail the Seas Beyond the Edges of the Map . . . . .

One of the things I like about Freebooter's Fate, is that it has more of a Fantasy slant than most Pirate games.

So when it come's to Gaming environments, "The World Is Your Oyster" so to speak.

The Various pictures of actual Freebooter's Fate Demo Tables I have seen show this in spades, and that's without what the wonderfully talented people we have involved in our Hobby are capable of coming up with.

Here we have what I would imagine would be a standard sort of layout, a beach, a shipwreck, and some Pal Trees - gorgeous and immediately recognizable.

This smaller table is simply centered around a building, a Travelers Inn I think - a simple Idea nicely done IMHO.

Here we have a much more complicated idea, loads of small Istlets linked by walkways and platforms.

As you can see from just the three Salute tables - the sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to Gaming Tables for Freebooter's Fate.

This table is more sedate, but nice nevertheless - and shows the outskirts of a Village, "Smugglers Ahoy" perhaps.

Whilst not specifically intended for Freebooter's Fate, this small coastal town table is simply gorgeous.

Back to Freebooter's Fate Tables now, with this Temple layout - obviously inspired by the Amazon Crew and the Deep Jungle Book!

All these examples (and more, just do a search through Google Images) show the almost limitless Possibilities for your games of Freebooter's Fate.

I just hope my small table does the game justice when I finally get around to it!