Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ken Bonnie

Mono is finished! Pictures later after varnishing, I managed to get a good start on Buscar too!


Meantime, here’s another Pirate from my collection –

Though not a Freebooters Fate Miniature, but still on “theme” LoL – he’s a Black Scorpion Body with a Cutlass weapons swap., Crooked Dice Miniatures Head (with custom sculpted beard). One of the projects I’ve been working on (bit by bit, and slowly) is a retelling of Star Wars as a Pirate Movie.

In “The Return of the Scarlet Buccaneer” Ken Bonnie is an old salty sea-dog – we first see him when he rescues Lucas Seahawk from a group of Cutthroats who are press-ganging around Plymouth. Lucas is immediately impressed by the old mans wit, charm and prowess with a blade. Even though Bonnie’s time has passed, and he knows he will never have the adventure’s he had with Lucas’ father. His last wish is that Lucas follows in his fathers footsteps, and become a Privateer in the service of the King.

Anyway – here’s “Ken Bonnie”