Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm here to take meself back

The older Freebooter miniatures still have some use in your games of Freebooters Fate, in particular "Leather Joe" whom I like to call "Leathery Joe" - though now discontinued, he still turns up on Ebay from time to time - and would make an excellent Pirate miniature for your Freebooters Fate Pirate Crews.

Of course, the biggest issue is not having a Card for him - or is it . . . . .

A little Photoshop wizardry, and Bob's you're Uncle (and in my case he actually is) you can use Leathery Joe in your Games. The back is not shown because there are no changes (and because it contains copyrighted material) - simply print out Leathery Joes card, and slip it into a sleeve!.

So get scouring Ebay for a Leather Joe all you lubbers!