Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gaming Tables

I was going to finish some paitning on the Pirate Queen, and start my Review of the new Freebooters Fate Equipment Cards - but feeling particularly crappy and unwell, instead I watched a couple of Episodes of Lost Girl with the Mrs and did some sketches of a "Micro-Gaming Table" I've had in mind for Freebooters Fate.

The idea is to create a small Desert Island, with a ship-wreck (I have a really nice Aquarium ornament Linda got for me, just for this purpose) some minor Ruins, Palm Trees etc.

Kinda like this Freebooters Fate Demo-Table -

But with water on all sides, so its more like this -

OK, I know - it's a Warhammer Board! But you get the idea. Like an ACTUAL Desert Island - Like  Palominito in the Caribbean (where they shot some scenes for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides).

Of course, if funds and space (space actually being slightly more restrictive for me than funds) were no problem - I think I would actually go for something MUCH grander, something like this -

Of course, I'm always thinking to the future - so something like that WILL be on the cards someday. Even if I have to scratch build everything and make it modular for storage!