Thursday, 26 April 2012

I only bet on what's dearest to a man's heart . . . . .

OK Freebooter's Fate uses Cards not Dice, but not only do Dice focus with some import in "At Worlds End" - Dice are nice Booty to own in my own humble opinion.

Obviously you could buy a set of Official "Liars Dice" but to be frank they are just ordinary Dice in a Funky cup LoL!

One of my favourite Pairs of Dice are these from Q-Workshop, stunning D6's engraved with all sorts of Pirate Map Imagery - they aren't cheap, but if you surf Ebay you can find a bargain -

They even do a gorgeous Jolly Roger Dice Bag (my Freebooter's Fate Cards live in mine too) -

Em4 Miniatures in the UK and G2 in the USA have some nice basic Skull and Crossbones Dice - Some are Numbered, and others have Spots - so everyone's tastes are catered for (and they are quite cheap too) - do Zombie Pirate Dice, I don't have any of these yet - but I shall be definitely looking to get some for my collection! - 

Theres a Black & White Pair, and a Red & White Pair to be had - 

Dress Like a Pirate have a pair of lovely Skull Dice for sale, although the Design is Printed on rather than Engraved - I doubt they would stand up to extended use -

I'm sure there are plenty more out there (I've just included what I have already, and what I want - those Zombie Pirate Dice are a MUST) it just goes to show that when you play your Piratey Games - you don't have to settle for the Mundane!