Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blood and Plunder

Long Time and No Post - there's a reason for that, I've been doing "my own thing" with my own Rules and Miniatures Range - and I had become thoroughly disillusioned with Pirate Wargaming, Freebooters Fate just wasn't cutting it for me and neither was Cutlass (both were too fantasy) and Legends of the High Seas was too simplistic.

I tried Ospreys "On the Seven Seas" - but (to be frank) it was s**t, so I sold off all the Miniatures and the Rules I purchased during the "Nickstarter" and moved on - putting Pirate Gaming behind me for a time.

Move Forward to Today - and Firelock Games have started their Kickstarter for their new Game "Blood and Plunder", the game play looks great and the Miniatures are gorgeous.

Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games

COULD THIS be "the one" - the game I've been searching for FOR YEARS. Anyone who knows me, knows I am irrationally picky over me Pirates - if its fantasy pirates, they have to be vibrant and interesting - if its historical, it has to be accurate and exciting (although, being accurate IS exciting for me LMAO).

Blood and Plunder as it seems, has the accurate thing in spades - From the Official blurb - "Blood and Plunder is designed to transition seamlessly between land, naval and amphibious combat using a uniform rule set and scale. And if you’re worried this seems too grand to be practical, you’ll be glad to know that a standard game (on or off a ship) can be played on a small kitchen table with 13-50 models in less than 2 hours"

It ALMOST sounds to be too good to be true - but they have Benerson Little (an American who's focus is naval history, in particular Pirates and the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean) - ALWAYS a good sign when rules designers get an expert on board.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Treasure Island (2012) - "Lowlands Away"

I dreamed a dream
I dreamed a dream the other night
Lowlands, lowlands away, my John
I dreamed a dream
I dreamed a dream the other night
Lowlands, lowland away, my John
Lowlands, lowlands away, my John
My love she came to me,
Lowlands, lowlands away, my John

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Whale Of A Tale - Kirk Douglas (and Seal) Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues U...

Whilst not strictly "Pirate Music" I have to include this in my regular rotation of songs because I love it so much!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

ALESTORM - Keelhauled (Official)

Todays Pirate Music - "Keelhauled" by Alestorm!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ye Banished Privateers - Welcome to Tortuga - Official Video

Pirate Music of the Day - something I haven't posted about in ages. 
This is a cracker, if only for the level of amusement the Video gave me LoL!

Long Time, No Blog

EVERYTHING has been getting on top of me of late - notwithstanding the loss of my Father, he was more than just my Dad - he was a good friend.

Still, things move on - and "hobby activity" is starting to increase again - and I've been pottering with my Crews again - I am making a concerted Effort to Paint two Pirate Crews, as I am sick of playing games with "naked" (as in unpainted) Miniatures.

1st Pirate Crew - Barco Malcaduco, Mono, 2 Pirates , Cuchillo, Spitfire, & Matelot.

Gear - Additional Armour, Increased Range, & Jar of Mud.

Total - 500 Doubloons

My Mono, both Pirates, are already Painted for the first Crew - so thats something. Just need to crack on (along with many MANY other projects) with the rest - now its a case of climbing that "hill" to finish things - I'm like a butterfly with everything since the Funeral.

So Much To Do!

Friday, 11 January 2013

DeepWars Get's an Award

DeepWars has received an award for "Best New Miniatures/War Games Rulebook" from Diehard GameFAN!


They also got runner-up placing for "Best New Miniatures Line".