Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Long Time, No Blog

EVERYTHING has been getting on top of me of late - notwithstanding the loss of my Father, he was more than just my Dad - he was a good friend.

Still, things move on - and "hobby activity" is starting to increase again - and I've been pottering with my Crews again - I am making a concerted Effort to Paint two Pirate Crews, as I am sick of playing games with "naked" (as in unpainted) Miniatures.

1st Pirate Crew - Barco Malcaduco, Mono, 2 Pirates , Cuchillo, Spitfire, & Matelot.

Gear - Additional Armour, Increased Range, & Jar of Mud.

Total - 500 Doubloons

My Mono, both Pirates, are already Painted for the first Crew - so thats something. Just need to crack on (along with many MANY other projects) with the rest - now its a case of climbing that "hill" to finish things - I'm like a butterfly with everything since the Funeral.

So Much To Do!