Thursday, 10 January 2013


Though not STRICTLY a "Piratey" Game, it's still got elements in there (especially in ShadowSea - the game that "spawned" DeepWars).

The Kickstarters for DeepWars ended a while ago now, But if ANYONE still fancies a crack at DeepWars, there's another "Chip-In" promotion going!

Now's your chance to Pledge, you'll help get the last few Miniatures of the initial "run" released - and get stuff for yourself a little cheaper too -

DeepWars Pre-Order Pledge "Chip-In" Thingy

FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW DeepWars is set below the waves of a lost underground ocean beneath a frozen southern continent, vying for control over ancient sunken ruins and wrecks holding powerful artifacts and golden treasure. Set in an alternate (late) 17th century, several years after the discovery of an underground continent known as the Shadow Sea, which is located miles beneath miles of  ice and snow. The recovery of ancient technology by the first explorers has forced and accelerated the development of undersea vehicles and personal pressure suits that allow the exploration of  previously unknown locations of the deep DEEP ocean floor and locate caverns that link the underground sea to the oceans of the surface. The Fortune Hunters (Human Faction) are not alone however, as other factions have been drawn to the deep ocean trenches and ruins, and the other races are wonderfully adapted to survival in these deep and dark underwater environments: the enigmatic Dark Mariners (an Ancient race that has mutated into squiddy crabby entities), the advanced Ancients of Atal├ín (sort of Sci-Fi Atlanteans) and the vicious Scaly Horde (Lizardmen, intelligent man-sized Insects, Dinosaurs, and Prehistoric Fish). DeepWars uses a modified version of the rules used in the ShadowSea game (also excellent), and all rules needed for gameplay are included in the core rulebook. The rules themselves are derived from the Song of Blades and Heroes game system (from Ganesha Games) and are designed for easy play with plenty of fast paced heroic action - the system is D6 based - if you want to know more - here's the Antimatter Homepage

Anti-Matter Games Home Page